School of Education Institutes and Centers/Schools and Education Partnerships

With 25 nationally recognized and State-approved teacher, counselor, and educational leader programs, Lehman’s School of Education is helping to transform urban public education. We work with over 200 schools, centers, and agencies in the Bronx and lower Westchester to equip current and future teachers with the knowledge and skills to provide rich Pre-K to 12 classroom experiences. Explore Lehman’s professional development network.
College Now is a free program of CUNY and the NYC Department of Education. Through College Now, qualified students get an early introduction to the college environment and a jump-start on college coursework by taking credit-bearing college courses. Learn more and help students build the academic skills necessary for success in college.
College Now
Institute for Literary Studies
The Institute for Literacy Studies advances urban education by strengthening literacy and mathematics teaching and by supporting teachers as key educational decision-makers. Last year, programs supported the professional development of 395 Bronx teachers and more than 800 teachers citywide. The Lehman College Adult Learning Center, recognized for its innovation and effectiveness, provides English language, literacy, and GED classes to almost 600 adults each year.
School Progress Reports 2012-2013 Charts
Progress Reports help Bronx parents, teachers, principals, and communities understand the strengths and improvement needs of our public schools. Schools receive a letter grade (from A-F) based on student progress (60%), student performance (25%), and school environment (15%). Scores compare each school to a peer group with a similar student population. For more information see the DOE Performance and Accountability web site.
Public School Maps
Did you know that there are more than 425 public schools for the borough's 200,000+ students. Explore a map of public schools in the Bronx.
The Bronx Institute
The Bronx Institute at Lehman College has three main areas of focus: Youth Development programs, Professional Development, and Research and Policy. The Institute has received national recognition for its ENLACE and GEAR UP Programs, which have served more than 10,000 Bronx students. These and other activities further research relevant to the improvement of education and the quality of life in the Bronx.