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Explore a map of the many locations where Lehman College student interns, faculty and Service Learning volunteers demonstrate their commitment to the Bronx and the surrounding community. Lehman’s Social Work placements alone provide more than 134,000 hours of service to the community each year.
Welcome to Lehman Community Connect: Bronx Information Portal, the new, experimental Lehman College Community website. Lehman Community Connect provides a new, map-based platform to find, view and interact with publicly available data and Lehman College information. Our goal is to enable students, faculty, researchers and the public to participate in their community by facilitating inquiry, exploration, and the development of creative applications. More about >>
Heat Season Map
Building owners are required to provide hot water to all tenants year-round. The period from October 1 - May 31, is known as "Heat Season." During this period, building owners are required to provide tenants with heat as described here. Explore the map to view the distribution of Bronx heating requests to 311 from 1/1/13 to present. The map is updated daily.
School Progress Reports
Progress Reports help Bronx parents, teachers, principals, and communities understand the strengths and improvement needs of our public schools. Schools receive a letter grade (from A-F) based on student progress (60%), student performance (25%), and school environment (15%). Scores compare each school to a peer group with a similar student population. For more information see the DOE Performance and Accountability web site.
Population by Zip Code
Did you know that the Bronx is one of most densely populated and diverse counties in the nation? Explore the map to learn more about the population of the Bronx by zip code. Click here for Quick Facts from the U.S. Census.